Lake Tahoe Vacation Recap

Ahhh, sweet sweet vacation. Why does it always have to go by so fast?

This year we decided to switch things up a bit from our usual ski trip to Park City, Utah. Although I did miss skiing my usual routes on the mountain, it was really nice to go outside my comfort zone and try something new. We all would have preferred a little more snow on the mountain, but the sunny cloudless skies and warmer weather made up for the lack of snow. 

Snow Board Tahoe

So many people told me the best part of Tahoe was the views, and oh my god were they right! I often found myself so focused on looking down at the snow while boarding that when I stopped to take a break I’d look up and totally be caught off guard by this gigantic beautiful lake in front of me. 

lake tahoe view

 Every sunrise and sunset was different and special in it’s own way. The view was so mesmerizing, I was addicted to capturing that perfect sunset moment each night. It’s probably safe to say that 70% of my pictures taken on this trip were of the actual lake during different times of the day.


 The skiing was of course the main focus of the trip, but my favorite part of every vacation is the time spent with family and friends building memories. I love waking up in the morning and gathering around the kitchen in our pj’s while we discuss the plans for the day over a warm cup of coffee, or at night as we all sit around the fire with a cocktail and laugh. Here are just a few of the many memories we all made together this trip. :)

Tahoe Kitchen


Juan & Bryce


Me & Manny Tahoe




 Unfortunately every vacation has to come to an end, and thankfully we all came back in one piece and no one got hurt while skiing. Now it’s time to pack up all my scarves, UGG boots and ski gear until next year! 


  • Have you ever been skiing/snowboarding? If so, where?
  • What’s your favorite part about vacation?



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